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    Morning burgers

    Dumping in the customers karzie like a filthy animal as soon as you walk through the door! Can’t s**t in a customers house
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    Sooky sooky sooky

    That’s why you can’t get any unibond!! He’s had it all
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    Did a steel Marshall town sponge finish no flexy lol

    A sponge is for washing your balls isn’t it? Or is it just me
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    European super league

    It’s meant to be a European mid week league I think
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    European super league

    Just pure greed they say any player who plays in it can’t play for their country etc
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    European super league

    Ridiculous idea if my team do sell out and enter then that’s me finished with them
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    Very nice
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    Where you from mate I see Cornish units in the background
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    Forcing patina

    You’re G** and s**t
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    Tyrolean Plasterers

    Simon in Dublin still I think mate
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    Dewalt radio

    The batteries are near enough the same size l!!
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    Thoughts please

    f**k**g terribly awfully s**t
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    £35 per hour

    I can’t help being hung like hamster