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    If @Casper does uses it
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    filling a few holes in new skim

    Sold out in Scotland and they had to bring all the stuff up from the north of England
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    3 to 4 days

    3/4 days mate no weeks for @Casper
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    Thankfully I'm doing it all solo (within regulations) and after 6 months of planning (whilst waiting for completion) plus this not being my first rodeo, have a very good idea of timeline. Was the cowboy called @Casper
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    how do i get out

    f**k off you dopey c**t only a benefit scrounger would come out and say that
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    Them mark 1.s

    You’ve already done it? f**k**g weirdo
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    Them mark 1.s

    Is that @Casper banging his sportvan
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    I remember someone on the betting thread doing that
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    What’s the tunes of choice tonight mate
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    So is that @smoother09 bike/van/business vehicle
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    That’s some plastering outfit there
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    What is that
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    Plasterboard falls off

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    Airless Spray Plaster - Bristol, Bath, Swindon

    He’s further west than me down in bandit country