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    Sponge finish coloured render?

    We float and sponge k-rend k1. Rubs up lovely if you catch it right just keep water off it and the colour stays uniform.
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    Rendering over pebbledash

    If you need advice on prepping for render you shouldn't be doing the job.
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    Patchy/drippy KRend, what went wrong?

    What product is that? It looks like lime render with formed corners. Was the house stone originally? If they've done that over block that's wild unless you wanted it not to look modern and wanted a cottage look? It's a strange one
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    Patching thin coat

    Never seen a properly seemeless thincoat patch. Some much better than others but it's never 100%.
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    K Rendered borders in garden

    I suggest you tell the builders who got this joker in not to use him again he is not a renderer.
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    Obviously the rendagrip manufacturer won't stand by going over painted substrates there's too many variables and you'd have clowns trying to sue them after rendering over flaking paint. Grind, wire brush, jet wash and whatever paint is still on the wall rendagrip over that.
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    Roughcasting is rough.

    That's shocking.
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    The f**k**g sun

    It's a b*****d for sure but it's a hand finish it's never 100% perfect in glancing sunlight.
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    Basecoat dragging not flattening

    What a miserable b*****d. There's plenty of Plasterers out there who struggle with polymer basecoats so you my friend have no chance.
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    Glasgow Rangers Champions

    Last 16 of Europa league again. Not too shabby for coming from a micky mouse league! Let's go
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    Glasgow Rangers Champions

    Stevie will want a crack at champions league with us he won't be considered for Liverpool gig for a few years.
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    Glasgow Rangers Champions

    What team do you support big shot
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    Glasgow Rangers Champions

    You OK Stuart?
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    Roughcast quantities

    Jewson I use