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    Speedskim blades

    :popcorn: :risas:
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    If The Was One Thing???

    learn to drive first and get van :lol:
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    Crap plastering tools

    OX pipe trowel was supposed to be "stainless steel" turns out ozzys dont know the meaning of the word :inocente:
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    Renderers labourer/improver wanted

    believe me mate I'm regretting it now
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    Renderers labourer/improver wanted

    I'd snap your arm off at that owls, if I could drive. :rayos: for fucks sake!! :tonto:
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    Segregation of the industry

    I've been to college Imago and in my experience their s**t, they've cottoned on to the fact the can teach very little on the pracitcal side, so they save money on materials all the while claiming £3500 per student in funding, therefore they produce people that can only do so much. I would give...
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    Refina skimming spatulas

    50 notes for the small one fits the pole in with it too, 55 for bigger one. Suppose they look good and professional, essential for the more clumsier spread.:rayos:
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    Refina skimming spatulas

    @cassie have you seen the cases hand tools express made especially for the refina spats? They had some wood one's and now have aluminium. Bit pricy mate but defo worth a punt considering price of the spats.
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    Refina skimming spatulas

    You should have a look at the EZE spat mate from @Plasterers1StopShop you can change the blades, dont think you can with the refina, alot of money if the blade gets bent or chipped its funked.
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    Upgrading Level 2 to 3

    @Geason should be able to help mate
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    What super hero would you be and why

    The hulk coz then you'd be let off for getting angry and smashing s**t up :frenetico::musculoso::muyenojado:
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    premium nela supaflex 18"

    Their out of stock on the website mate, the new ones are out soon.
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    Secure job

    No I think what he's trying to say mate is don't make site work or subby work your only avenue for work.
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    Trainee/ Labourer

    thought you were gonna ring me dave? ive gone and gotten self employed because of you, and now your advertising for someone else??? :wtf:
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    Get on as a plasterers labourer instead learn the trade that way then after 3 years go do nvq through osat. I've done the college route mate most of them are very below par and don't teach you everything and are only intrested in passing people so they get funding, and the diploma you get from...