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    Simply the best.

    Aye ..but,but,but...the rangers weren't interested in the league anyway...:LOL:
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    Simply the best.

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    Ah..bugger, I was hoping for a battle of Britain style final.
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    Plastering with a roller

    Only on the first day of julember...and the 15th day of Septober, if the temperature is above 3 degrees,... (y)
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    Acceptable finish?

    What was the lighting conditions when he carried out the work? Temporary lights?
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    Alright Larry.hope your well?..not much has changed.. Same s**t,different posters:sisi:
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    Cotton buds;)
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    Price per square metre -price per square foot

    4 fathoms to a square metre In old measure.... Give or take a baw hair if you want to go technical:tanguero:
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    I’m going for it….

    Tis a plasterers hawk:inocente:
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    Covering Artex ceiling with EasyFill

    So you can't afford a professional, but can afford loads of bags of easifill? Easifill/fillers aren't sold as a ready mixed plaster ..two totally different things. Best up your pennies and get it done properly. But I have a feeling your gonna give it a go anyway:X3:
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    Has the plasterer botched this job?

    Tell him you'll pay him what the job is worth... He owes you a couple hundred quid by the looks of it....:tonto:
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    Hi, new to your forum.

    Welcome to the asylum... Fasten your seat belt, things may get a bit bumpy:tanguero: