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    right the boyz and ladies

    Godspeed algeeman
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    Doing some subby work for a housing association currently kitchens and bathroom refits. Using a bag of bonding per kitchen roughly and not had one single issue with blistering over the backing coat. Knocking up the bonding with some dirty water and after 1st coat pretty quickly giving it another...
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    Plastering over old tile adhesive in bathroom

    Skim over with bonding and stop being a gimp. Use a speedskim
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    Plastering for beginners YouTube

    Should be. YouTube skimmers posting ads on Gumtree and delivering mince meat for a price.
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    Plastering for beginners YouTube

    The guy seems honest and upfront. I don't mind what he's doing although he is encouring Joe Bloggs to pick up a trowel and crack on himself in a way. Bet that cow casper giggles at his videos
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    Plastering for beginners YouTube

    I have, just intrigued to see what other spreads thought of him.
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    Plastering for beginners YouTube

    Tbf to the guy he seems like a decent chap and does add that his way is maybe not the way all spreads follow. He does leave it open to opinion.
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    Plastering for beginners YouTube

    He makes a living out of it don't u know
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    Grey bonding

    Dono heard a few birds say they like the black but the greys a wrong cut
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    Grey bonding

    Had the pink gear for a while but started a 30m2 cieling today and had a few areas to bond out and got hit with the grey s**t. I hate it. Hangs forever and gritty as f**k. Can't even flatten after laying on as it rips like a f**k*r. Is it a regional thing? I'm in the West of Scotland and we...
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    Sparky with balls

    Nothing wrong here
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    Plastering for beginners YouTube

    What do you fellas think of this guy, if that is u have ever watched him? Apparently retired through YT but does the odd job in the benefit of his channel. Seems a nice lad but is his channel fruitful or just DIY stuff?
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    Mist Coat water / paint ratio

    I'd recommend McPherson's Eclipse. It's high permeability means it's ideal for mistcoating and it doesn't need watered down too much. You can buy it at Crown decorating centres and it's generally well priced. Cheaper than Dulux, Crown, Johnstones Trade etc.
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    Looking for labouring/trainee/apprenticeship role in Ayrshire or Glasgow

    Thought I'd give this a bump in case anyone's looking. Better than starting a new thread eh.