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    The big one’s coming

    Looks like a great job Tony are you spraying bager j for the tape and jointing? Or using fast drying joint cement?
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    Best deal on Graco mark v?

    Anybody seen these going at a decent price?
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    Advice needed please

    Put some pictures up. I’m assuming the old render is falling off
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    Bad plastering

    The jobs I’m on the painters use head torches and led site lights to show up the marks. I can’t stick painters lol
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    Bad plastering

    Looks terrible but light down any wall will show up lumps n bumps with traditional skim.
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    Screwfix gloves for skimming etc!

    Ninja sky tec gloves. Really thin but tough with it.
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    Cracks on scratch coat?

    Doesn’t look like a very neat scratch coat. I would be concerned too
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    Cracks on scratch coat?

    Put some pictures up so we can see what your talking about. I would paint on red grip/sbr slurry before the mesh.
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    Damp plasterboard

    Anyone using damp plasterboard at the moment? On a wet site and the boards damp. Does anybody think mould might be a problem as the job progresses? Or am I worrying about nothing
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    Graco APX 5200

    Thanks mate sorted it now still 500 notes though. It’s a different style gun to that one
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    Graco APX 5200

    Yeah and spray plaster machines lol
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    Graco APX 5200

    Getting a new gun for this airless plaster machine. Has anyone bought one or similar? £520 +vat thought it was a little steep
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    How do you actually find a decent plasterer?

    Recommendation is the best way. Your only as good as your last job
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    Another one by the sea.

    Where is this mate?