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    When to use speedskim

    Get an18” marshal town
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    Newly plastered wall is bumpy.

    Did you get it done on the cheap?
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    Ever soldered your beads?

    Wow I thought I was fussy. Bet it looks banging
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    How to speed up screed drying time.

    We use Topcem instead of cement. It has a faster drying time
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    New lad done a good job?

    You sound like a great bloke to work for I would not be giving him a penny for that mess. He’s not a plasterer or anything near it. It’s going to cost you double to put that right by a decent spread
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    Would I be right to ask for this to be reskimmed?

    Terrible workmanship better to get some money back and get another spread in
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    Plaster gone off too quickly.

    Have a look on u tube sure there are some videos too help you out
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    Airless spray plaster

    Knauf is rubbish just blocks the machine
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    Advice needed from good renders please

    Cut your losses and get another decent plasterer in that comes recommended. That’s a mess
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    Still problems with multi and board??!!

    COVID has f**k*d multi finish
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    35-45 a meter on site? Been a long time since I did price work think I was getting about 15 lol
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    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    Hat mug and coffee flask
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    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    U didn’t win it on that plastering talk show the other week? I won a goodie bag from fox radio
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    Plastering Finish

    Doesn’t look great but down think it’s as bad as some of the s**t on here. See what your painter thinks. Hard to see on those pics
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    Plaster Query

    Fred West’s front room