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    Which plugs or bolts to use please

    you want to make sure you get through the render and into the blockwork behind it really...
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    I am literally heading out in a minute to buy a new pair of riggers :D
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    Kitchen Damp

    I have never seen rising damp... its always been penetrating or condensation
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    Kitchen Damp

    so is it a neighbours internal room the otherside of the walls that are damp?
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    Plaster boarding and Plastering quotes required

    needs to post a few more times first... then you can
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    I have friends that do well out of crypto and have given up careers to trade it. Its not for me but I rather trade the horses :D I am in and out of trades in a matter of minutes not months :D
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    Has anyone here ever worked for a council ?

    Soul destroying job working on housing association jobs. The tenants think they are your boss and the council just want you to cover their past bodge... I tried getting the contract for all the plastering and was planning on employing a big team but the council I feel had a bit of a back...
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    Looking to get in the game

    I would learn to be a sparky... muche easier on the body
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    Betting sites

    haha yep :D
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    Betting sites

    It's the premium charge I am getting stung with these days. But it is what it is
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    Betting sites

    I trade the horses and do pretty well. I have not found any football strats that work long term though Why are you not using Bet angel or gruss?
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    Squid games

    hmmmm next time it happens drop me an email I will try and work it out
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    you sausage
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    share a screenshot
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