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    Airless material

    We use Alseeco FX.
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    graco mkv

    Did you spin the material with a wisk?
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    graco mkv

    Miles ahead and well worth changing over to
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    graco mkv

    Apx is a beast
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    Bennu spray gun

    I use our ritmo for all our topcoat. Use the slower r/s
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    The big launch (2)

    Makes airless look good
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    Baumit silicone

    We use alot of Baumit and it is good gear. Used it on my own house last year
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    graco mkv

    What do you need to know?
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    New ritmo slimline

    No did not have the time . Someone else now teaches the course I put together, however i still support the students via my facebook group Airless Spray Plasterers With regard to the cost. As a independent, the all the facilities need to be covered in the price. They had to cover the cost of...
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    New ritmo slimline

    Total airless addict now. Anything else just seems poor
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    New ritmo slimline

    No one is going to develop a machine that is only going to be bought by a handful of guys in the UK. The EU market isnt interested. You can use a cats eye nozzle on a screw pump to give a flat band, however it still doesnt combat the mess created by the atomization of the plaster, or deal with...
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    Airless plaster on site.

    It can be finished however its quicker to knock it back once and the sand. Also leaves a better job. Finish is superior and more consistent
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    Tarmac OCR

    Yes sprayed through ritmo l
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    mesh for embedding in multi finish

    Company called textile technologies