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    weber ocr tips

    10mm if getting a acrylic top coat etc . Should be 15 if its going to be a finish painted like normal sand cement mate
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    Mono Sealer

    The weather channel app and the met office app mate always seem pritty spot on
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    krend thincoat

    If your changing from k rend to go mortar , why not weber ocr for the 10mm with mesh then acrylic ?
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    Mono Sealer

    was a good call for today mate ! Lol
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    MapeWall GPR Product launch

    Just asked you on facebook ryan about coverage , got it on here ! Looks very interesting!
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    Speedskim AGAIN......

    Not up north mate ....... Sure my grandad called it a handboard which am guessing my great grandad did aswell ..... Lol
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    Funky that like ?!?
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    What are the causes

    Was it hot on the day u done the top coat ? Shrinkage ?
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    What are the causes

    What mixes did you use??
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    Condensation is pure ish water , no salts etc ....... Something else i think
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    Dots and dabs

    Thought the same mate , only done a few times . Good if walls r all over and its a kitchen or bathroom :) more of a big kitchen with a wonky as wall like ........
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    anyone worked out in spain?

    Its what render systems has done @Danny !
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    Ocr, rend aid, thin coat?

    If the render is painted .... Parex parinter
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    All gone wrong

    I think it would be a sneaky boom and no body thinks it ....
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    Who's van?

    Ldv maxus mate lol had neee bother in 5 years with it . 58 plate