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    Out of date plaster

    Tell him I said stop being an old lady and get it on!
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    Hi all!

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    .Dream team.

    Clouts are ok for landscape gardeners.
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    Over mixing

    A good pal of mine still starts off his mix with a length of 2x2 mate. I personally think he’s nuts. Lol
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    Womens football.

    He’s about as hard as 4am mate.
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    Hi newbie

    :oops: @Monkey Boy
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    Hi newbie

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    Soak drywall tape or not?

    Did you get what you come for?
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    Can this be salvaged?

    Great choice. (y) No 5 is my favourite!
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    Womens football.

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    Can this be salvaged?

    Unfortunately you’ve been caspered on a Sunday morning. You’re going to need a bloody good decorator to get over all that shite. How tall is the skirting? 3ft??
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    Well done England

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    tape and jointing

    @Casper ’s old lady’s ring piece x 2 per M2