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    Replastering damp wall

    Waterproof is a bold statement... I tend to use the phrase water resistant.....
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    £35 per hour

    Seen this the other day saying barbers can make £300 a day... I can see them doing it on a Saturday but are you telling me they have a full shop during the day mid-week?? .... I live in a small town which is full of barbers ( mainly turks) and there is massive competition....
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    Type of trowel

    Deal.... Lol
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    Type of trowel

    I agree fella, but my ox is about 7 years old and still going strong... Not bad for £30...
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    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    I have same stapler but will not go into hard walls...
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    Type of trowel

    Buy an ox (none flexi) £20 cheaper than marshalltown, they are nicely worn in..
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    Man United and Liverpool

    Utd Utd Utd......... Lol
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    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    I use this also buddy... Awesome stuff, i use it to stick boards on lintels also...
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    The prb

    Nice job buddy...
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    Bostik green grit.

    If its high suction why would you use grit?
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    Are plasterer selling them selfs short.

    Yep bugs me also, can you keep the door shut so the cat doesn't get out....... Er shut it into another room also hate it when they have a dog and let it bark all day...
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    Kenwood damp

    Why dont you just set up for yourself if you have the skills and knowledge buddy?
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    Bostik green grit.

    Ive had 2 failures with it also...
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    Bostik green grit.

    Can paint on neat pva and skim in 30 mins.... Or 24hrs with grit.....
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    Im weak

    I prefer the sf...