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    What kind of plaster is this?

    Looks like lime wash over gypsum skim, cannot see the backing plaster! You will have to knock it down to brick to she what it is.
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    best trowel on the market

    If you don't want a banana trowel get a nela premium..
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    Manchester Spreads n’ Vans

    How far does the clean air zone spread jess?
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    Curved ceiling tips

    Leigh pal.. Only 15 mins down the lancs...
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    Curved ceiling tips

    Id do the same... Then go for a pint, lots of nice bars and restaurants in monton....
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    Curved ceiling tips

    Yep... I turn them away, i have plenty of other jobs to do so why struggle on these....
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    Mixed suction backgrounds

    Sbr the full thing the day before, do a coat of 50-50pva and skim whilst tacky..
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    Anyone wear a fitbit while plastering?

    Ive got an ankle strap for my fitbit... Very accurate as if you wear it on your wrist it measures your arm movements and not your steps... I found if i was carrying stuff it did register....
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    Marshalltown 16 “ permashape gold

    If you don't want a banana trowel get a nela premium they are flat as... Just bought a carbon one...
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    4-months in plaster won’t dry

    Pamties are very good, oh but they in Tyldesley not leigh...
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    Replastering damp wall

    Waterproof is a bold statement... I tend to use the phrase water resistant.....
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    £35 per hour

    Seen this the other day saying barbers can make £300 a day... I can see them doing it on a Saturday but are you telling me they have a full shop during the day mid-week?? .... I live in a small town which is full of barbers ( mainly turks) and there is massive competition....
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    Type of trowel

    Deal.... Lol
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    Type of trowel

    I agree fella, but my ox is about 7 years old and still going strong... Not bad for £30...