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    Tamworth lad looking to get into plastering/labouring

    If anyone in the Tamworth area is looking for an apprentice/labourer let me know as I know a young lad aged 18 not driving due to not having money but is keen as mustard to be given a chance............ Cheers Bod :) p.s sorry have not been on in a few years lol
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    New boy

    Hello Gary from IOW with 14 years experience hows it going's shhhmilely faaaaaaaaaces :) :) :)................
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    speed skim / eze spat, whats the verdict

    I personally dont use it on skim but its not to say it aint good for that its just i prefer not too.
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    speed skim / eze spat, whats the verdict

    I use it on hardwall for filling in after you rule off its quality.
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    Another lab bites the dust!

    No need for apologise rigs some labs are a waste of space i had one that i counted as a real mate until i realised he was a raging alcoholic and let me down more times than i can remember.
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    Ceiling crack one week after new skim

    First off why was it over boarded in the first place?
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    I need a lab!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Accounts software or book??

    With an accountant £350 is about right for a subby ,then again he should be getting you back over a grand in a rebate and taking a cut from that.
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    work 2013

    Flat out
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    My Speedskim on a pole vid

    Still cant get my head round the speedskim but the video makes it look good ceevee.
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    ocr rates

    Get as much as you can, it gets tiring using OCR all the time especially on the wrists £5m2 is about average for this sort of work
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    Glove trowel

    I have been on a job the last few months and there have been a few occasions where this device would have come into its own basically it's a trowel attached to a back of a glove to get into areas where normal trowels cant reach but yet it don,t exist!!! Come on i cant be the only one who have...
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    Plasterer Needed Bristol

    I cant get plasterers in Bristol either its hard work
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    Sounds like a nice product if its true, we have been using dura finish the last week which is nice to use the last spreads that were using it were moaning like **** about it but its lovely gear to use.