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    Do I need to prime between the base coat and the top coat

    Eddy Murphy is a guru and a regular on the forum. Just doesn't use his real name.
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    For sale

    Coz you'll pay for it soon anyway. Tax hike. May as well claim.
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    Weber pral m

    I'd say so mate. Krend say gp mortar and their klime renders are ok for block and brick laying. And the Weber is at least every bit as good.
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    Alternatives to Thistle Bond It to plaster over Moisture Resistant plasterboard.

    Yep Its contradictory but sometimes on spec that way. Also sometimes only tiling half the wall etc. Horizontally or vertically, and to paint the remaining.
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    Alternatives to Thistle Bond It to plaster over Moisture Resistant plasterboard.

    Yep, good way, but got to catch it tacky. If it dries, it'd be worse than not using anything.
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    That's that then Ladies and Gents.

    Gonna finish this weeks work and see. I think it'll be taken out of your hands mate. You'll have no choice after this Friday (27th)
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    Links and Advice

    What a geezer. @ThePostman Cheers.
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    Waterproofer in Render Base Coat

    Traditional sand and cement mix? For patching like that, either freeflo (cementone/bostik), or everbuild evermix 3 in 1. With these two, you need nothing else. No lime, no plasticiser. Just add sand and cement. Ample good enough for what you need there.
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    Grit does not always work

    Yep, but only really over problem substrates. Like really glossy paints or super high suctions Also if there are extremes of suction on one wall, like lime plaster then a bit of board work, then a bit of painted backing etc. It evens out the suction. Also same a s Wickes bonding agent
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    Thin coat tips?

    Not Lac mate, Good product, for what it's meant for. No yield though, you'll find it'll slump and sag at that depth
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    Thin coat tips?

    As they've said mate. Spreads as thin as f**k. 10mm beads will be like skimming up to 10mm. Bite the bullet and re bead, seriously.
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    New drill/driver.

    Is that a Romanian roller?
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    Skrim tape existing joins?

    I always do. For what the tape costs, 3p to 5p a metre? For a better job?