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    Most of the decent Artexers we worked with ended up being decent fibrous plasterers
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    masks on site

    That my friend works both ways, Boris and sage have been carefully hand picking which studies to use back their plans. And sometimes (often) none at all. Hence the calling for data etc.
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    Lampard gone

    Derby to Chelsea was too big a step. Feel really sorry for him, hopefully he got looked after in the pay off. Tactically not up to task, it all became "cross it to the big lad", in most games. I reckon he'll be back for a proper shot. He always seemed a stop gap, going by relations with the...
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    Second coat of multi finish weak and poorly adhered to 1st coat

    I think I'll save that original post as something read on holiday.......... f**k mine. Got through the first paragraph......
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    The refina standard (now called finatex) laying on trowel, isn't that a 0.6mm blade?
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    New trowel

    I think the same although Bon are not up to Curry standards. Had a s**t Bon trowel a while back, ended up launching it.
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    Love that
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    pimlico plumbers london

    He's a smarmy flash little c**t.
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    pimlico plumbers london

    He knows what he's doing he's doin it to sell out to his loaded buddies. He's a c**t. A flash little c**t. Talks to people like they are too. Never liked him. GmTV go to him like a representative of the working man, : "let's see what tradesman are thinking" c**t - wants a slap
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    Elite carbon Kraft trowel

    Solid trowel mate. They're a lovely looking handle although a bit on the small side. I gave my handle away and swapped the handle for another brand....
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    pimlico plumbers london

    She looks pilled up. Missing some music.
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    Old school vans

    That yellow one, is that a Bedford HA? Can't see the front.