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    Microcement trowel lines

    First port would be to talk to actris and find out their opinion if where you are going wrong
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    Why do I keep getting scuffs and chips in my Vanition plaster Finnish

    Hard to see from pic but there are definitely raised edges. Agree with Plas1 it's not something you can just copy from a video and do it. Like the colour though
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    Guess where

    All wrong. Rhoscolyn Bay on Anglesey
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    Guess where

    Told them if they give me the boat I'd allow them to live
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    Guess where

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    Guess where

    10 points to guess exactly where I am having the time of my life chasing pollock and Mackerel since 7amr
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    Sea fishing off almwych

    Soon as I can. Rang you twice. Even spoke to your peg on house line.You don't call, text. Think you don't love me anymore
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    Sea fishing off almwych

    Other than catching Mackerel for bait, the only thing caught that could be eaten was thrown back in for being a bit small. So it was fish and chips for 8 ordered from local chippy :X3:
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    Sea fishing off almwych

    Went off Anglesey on Saturday. Top day with a bit of rain in the afternoon. Caught an abundance of dog fish, couple of bollusc and mate caught a red Gurnard.
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    newbie - having a go at microcement?

    It's an expensive balls up if you get it wrong mate. Would say to either get a price from someone or just tile it
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    barbed hooks

    Doesn't make much difference with me. Cant catch a feckin thing anyway.
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    Render on timber?

    Cheers fellas. Ordered some vapour fabric and baton. Still undecided on what's going to finish.
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    Render on timber?

    Built a garden room. Wrapping walls and ceiling with 8x2 T&G moisture resistant floor sheets. Roof is getting GRP. Originally was going to clad the walls with timber but our peg now likes render. So can render be applied directly to the wood with a grit primer and mesh or is it a no go. Open to...
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    Good uk microcement supplier

    Try david Owen at Actris. Their micro cement is tough and they spent years making sealers for products before micro cement. There sealers are tough too. He's a nice bloke and spent many hours over the years taking ne through products and uses etc. Sure he will chat...
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    Anyone help with this

    Cheers for responses. No weed growing unfortunately.