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    pay rise

    Sounds like a good deal Rich!! He'd be dull to walk away from that. Your doing your best for him in difficult times... Hope he sticks with you.
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    how busy are we all now?

    I had a phone call from a person from another country to be polite, who says he has brought 3 houses and needs them doing up...... For £50 a day!!! The cheeky tosser even sounded like he was doing me a favor!!!
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    I just had to do it! :D :D :D
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    Bet he's fuming!! Shame :D :D
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    hello lads hope my english gets better

    Re: alrite lads Hello mate. Welcome to the forum :D
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    posting photos..

    Thanks for that Chris!! Top man :D
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    company t shirts

    Yeah, i didnt mean shirt and tie jobby. I got the t shirts clean for quoting pair of jeans that sort of get up!! Always let them know that its me doing it and that im flat out... Even when im not, when they say they need it done by such a time, then i tell them i'll do my best to juggle things...
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    company t shirts

    It does look the part when quoting and being business like.... I never do a quote in work clothes.
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    Thing is id already hacked of a meter around the house... All f**k**g black morter as well!! All the hard work is done as well he knows the cheeky t**t!! I know times are tough but to do that after id used him a half dozen times or so is a big piss take in my opinion!!! Tried to ring him but...
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    Hacked off a house today ready for damp course injection.. Used a fella i have used before. Just took a call from the guy whose house it was. The damp proofer only tried to muscle in and badger him into giving him the re-plastering job saying he would do it for £100 cheaper than me!!! Im...
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    alrite chaps.

    Welcome to our ever growing forum!!
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    Newbies Read This

    Hi Welcome to the FAQ section for newbies to the forum or the plastering trade. If you have a problem or need advice from any of our members then feel free to post your question in here. There have been quite a few topics covered as you can see, however if you would like to know more on a...
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    Dust sheets

    MY mate chucked his in the washing machine..... Then the next day took his not very happy mrs out to but a nice new one :D :D :D
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    Troweling ceilings

    And by the time youve drunk the tea its time to do another trowel :D
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    how long does it take

    Mate it takes as long as it takes, and the next time it wont take as long. Take your time, speed comes with experience and practise. The more you do the better you get and quicker. Just concentrate on getting a good finish on the wall your working on and then start another. Then maybe put on a...