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    Hi all.

    Nice photo on intro
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    Joiner who wants to plaster

    Normally the enemy don’t come clean ! Could be a spark ? Just didn’t want to admit it ha
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    Would I be right to ask for this to be reskimmed?

    Umbrella your fault got no sympathy for you ! Don’t hire chancers simple . If you had a bad holiday you don’t get your money back! You chose it .
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    Thin coat over mono

    Sorry to jump on has anyone done mono over mono been asked to do a small job . I was thinking sbr and blast over ? Thanks
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    Bond and skim Crosby Liverpool

    I’ll have some of that message us then see if I can fit you in.
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    Bond and skim Crosby Liverpool

    Ha he’s spent up
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    Bond and skim Crosby Liverpool

    Bad move saying kitchen already over budget! Might put of potential lads thinking of getting in touch.
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    Nela mediflex

    Never had a problem with them don’t bother with them anymore. I’ve got 2 worn in ones try using them for closing in stages .
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    HMRC and what they can find.

    There also logged in under a alias no doubt.
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    Man United and Liverpool

    Good luck with that team
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    Man United and Liverpool

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    3rd self employment payment

    I’ve got 2 bags left used one today hung for ages with December date.
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    Be paying people soon to take it !!

    I’ve used mg thought it was ok went really well and finished great over there bonding .
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    Van finance

    Don’t bother I’m on my third year of 5 waste of time