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    here we go

    who's going down today :rayos:
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    here we go

    there both shiit :cool:
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    here we go

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    No worries

    shes put some fancy shite covering the garage windows I can wank in peace now :LOL:
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    No worries

    cause every little thing gonna be alright baby don't worry :whistle:
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    family fall outs

    drama on here is getting trans @BigBruvOfEnglandUK and @essexandy
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    family fall outs

    thanks you cuunt :LOL:
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    Cutting concrete

    youl need diamond cutter disc without using a diamond cutter disc youl need a diamond cutting disc
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    Trowelling up process

    try putting less on :rayos:
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    you lot still alive

    shes still on the phone slagging me off to her mum take some oxygen woman lol
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    dying trade

    me and @zombie called it years ago rendering never looks right skimming is shiit know young lads not interested end of it all thank fuuck (y)
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    you lot still alive

    except for @essexandy he should of been dead next week ago :sorprendido3:
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    Mental health help.

    is this your brother or yourself mate x
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    Any help with contact numbers x

    Useless is better than useful I've learnt my lesson living with 4 girls :birra:
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    Scottish breakfast

    I can run but I can't hide :LOL: Girls are ruthless :crying: