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    Tacker And sticker.

    Hi all . Need a hacker and slicker on a project near Reading . Day work or price . Tel 07984046997. Darren
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    Looking for work In London

    We're are you in london
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    Tacking and sticking...

    Afternoon all Im looking for someone to tack and stick 6 newbuilds in goring on themes Near Reading . They are small 2/3 bed houses for next Monday . Call or tex and ill get back to you Darren 07984046997
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    Corner trowel advice

    I cut the corners of mine . Been doing this for years
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    The pain in shoulder is normaly at the top of your shoulder and collerbone .the cv joint you get swelling up between the to . I had 3 injections in mine . The first 2 dident work then i had ultra sound to find the problem. Took 14 months of hell with mine.
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    300m mono

    Hi all . Any one interested in 300m of mono in woolhampton near Newbury. Email.
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    Rendering delta membrane

    Bonding in a basement ... Thats not a good idea
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    K Rend application process

    I thought with k-rend all products needed a base coat !!.
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    float and set near Hook

    Oi oi hes tex saying hes going to phone in 30 mins whoop whopp.
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    float and set near Hook

    The jobs still going lads marshy phoned 3 times last night over 30 mins then got the hump . If anyones interested including Mad Marshy give me a bell asap . good rates luvely job .
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    float and set near Hook

    Oi marshy carlm down it was 6.30 pm mate . Give me a bell whn you can
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    float and set near Hook

    Were are you based rich
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    float and set near Hook

    Afternoon all . need help on a new build float and set in near Hook in hampshire about 725m Hole house all ready Tel . Darren 07984046997