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    charachters you have met over the years1

    Many years ago when I was a young happy aspiring plasterer in the 90s I once worked on Roy shaw house in Essex the bare knuckle fighter. He seemed like a decent bloke. we use to get there at about half 6 he be up, top off doing weights and he come in asking if he wanted a spar. Never got a cuppa...
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    addiction cost me everything

    Who cares in 100 years from now no one will even no we where alive, apart from when are great grandchildren are doing a family tree pull up are files and think what a t**t he was a plasterer and then forgot all about us again ‍♂️
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    Self cleaning renders

    Sand and cement, paint it white and get the Mrs out there once a month with a bucket and ladder problem solved.
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    asbestos worries

    I just want to hear more about this airing cupboard it sounds fascinating, keep going.........
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    Not plastering related, but could do with some personal advice please.

    I was in a similar situation years ago and at the time I thought my world was closing in on me and one day someone said to me “one day it will be over” and now years later I met the true love of my life got a great life see my kids all the time and I think about what he said all the time and...
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    4 metre high walls.

    How do you no he was a southerner. Just because he killed in London doesn’t mean he was a southerner........ where was you the night the murders happened. I think I’ve got my prime suspect and solved the mystery
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    Looking for advice

    Only a bit of friendly advice mate take it or leave it. Although you call me thick? Wow are we back at school? I think your mum and dad must of been thick well your mum and the milk man Good luck
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    Looking for advice

    Don’t listen to them. I agree with you it’s a easy job. I’ll give you a few tips for when your skimming, use hot water to knock up, it holds it back So will give you a bit longer to apply also put your heating on will also help hold it Back also don’t apply pva to the bonding just skim straight...
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    Plasterers only to buy plaster campaign

    I did think it but he looked scared shitless when I caught him couldn’t get his words out.
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    Plasterers only to buy plaster campaign

    A pallet got delivered to site last Wednesday as I was packing up looked out the window a w**k*r sparky had his boot open and chucking bags in there couldn’t believe it by the time I got over there he had 9 bags in there! Told him he either pays £50 a bag for it or put it all back so he put it...
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    Crazed plaster

    I’ve seen it before where someone left hardwall for a few days then skimmed it without pva just went off and went like that
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    Starting the trade

    And leave all your cables sticking out and not put in sockets.
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    new build

    When I first started after mixing up for about 6 months I use to get put in the worse cupboards with pipes everywhere and once I mastered that I was allowed out.
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    Bit of advice

    Knock your house down and start again only solution to this problem the crack will get so bad you’ll probably get Lost in it. Just my opinion.