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Pregrit on painted walls and ceilings

Discussion in 'New To Plastering? Read This First...' started by Esa, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Esa

    Esa New Member

    Hi all

    Can some body help me with this... I have a whole inside of a house previously painted on skim and now requiring a new 're skim... the paint is very stubborn in places and laborious to scrape.

    My skimming guy claims though pre grit will give a good key but paint may peel off due the heat created from the new skim once applied and cause cracks and may also come away/peel off .....

    Can this be the case? As I'm sure there is a solution to this or an alternative to pregrit... All suggestions will be useful.

    Many thanks
  2. Cockney1

    Cockney1 Active Member

    :rolleyes::eek::eek:... Skimming guy????? :tarjetaroja:
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  3. johniosaif

    johniosaif Private Member

    Over paint can never be totally guaranteed ,@Vincey , even if you pva it or pregrit it ,it can peel , you can test it with duck tape, stick it on and pull,if the paint comes off then it may not be strong enough to take more plaster,you can put on pva and see if it peels when wet ,an expert/ experienced “skimming guy “ would know fairly quickly, there can’t be dust,grease or smoke residue on the wall/ceiling . You also have the alternative of using unifinish which can be used without PVA or pregrit ,you just need the right skimmming guy
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  4. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    Agree with John even last week I was still testing and learning, did a tiny area to see if micro was a good bet over paint but it wasn’t on this occasion, Plastering is trial and error all the time
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  5. johniosaif

    johniosaif Private Member

    True ,we are following buildings that have had work done by many different people with many different levels of skill and care ,it’s not like we get case notes when we step into a house, it’s nearly a sixth sense that we need coupled with experience
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