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M-tec M200 in action

Discussion in 'General Machine Discussions' started by Plasterers1StopShop, May 19, 2017.

  1. Plasterers1StopShop

    Plasterers1StopShop Private Member

    Here is a little in action video of the 110v M-tec M200 spraying PAREX Monorex

    The video was originally sent to us by new machine owners P Taylor Plastering

    This is there 3rd time using the machine and they are doing very well with it so far. Really cracked the spraying technique quickly

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  2. bobski

    bobski Active Member

    As more vids are surfacing.

    Looking a nice quick little machine.

    Are these guys on the forum?
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  3. Plasterers1StopShop

    Plasterers1StopShop Private Member

    I'm not sure if they are to be honest mate. I know they are active on Facebook. If you go onto our YouTube channel there are more videos also. We will keep updating the more we get
  4. stuart23

    stuart23 Private Member

    I'm no rendering expert but didn't the scratch coat they were spraying onto look very rough and would that not affect the finish? Machine looks good though
  5. keithuk

    keithuk Private Member

    Looks Good , spraying very well for a 3ard go on the machine , mix looks spot on with a good thickness, nice work lads !
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  6. bobski

    bobski Active Member

    I wondered that looking up top.

    But as they get lower it's a rough backing too, but the machine fills it all over in seconds down there.

    Be nice to see a finished shot.
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  7. CeeVee

    CeeVee Well-Known Member

    Cant see it affecting it if its wet on wet
  8. Marshy

    Marshy Private Member

    Well it looks as tho it's spraying thick enough in one pass to me when it was criticised on here buy a guy who bought one but had a lot of problems. It looks good to me and if @keithuk approves?? It must be f**k**g amazing??
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  9. camnz

    camnz Active Member

    Looks a bit slow? Same as my Ritmo....
  10. bobski

    bobski Active Member

    I'd bet it beats the ritmo. ;)

    Bit quicker I reckon.
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  11. Dansouthcoast84

    Dansouthcoast84 Private Member

    what are they spraying there?

    what will.the finish be after this base?
  12. Beenereb4

    Beenereb4 Active Member

    The scratch coat you refer to is a first pass probably with mesh in and still wet.
  13. Plasterers1StopShop

    Plasterers1StopShop Private Member

    Parex Monorex mate. Will just be a standard scratch Finish

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