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help needed

Discussion in 'Floor Screeding Discussions' started by jeremy blackmore, May 26, 2017.

  1. jeremy blackmore

    jeremy blackmore New Member

    hi everyone
    i have today laid a 100mm concrete base for my conservatory. I have noticed that I need to make up an inch to match the existing floor of the house.

    my question is this. if I use self levelling compound to say the maximum 6mm thickness. can I add another layer of self leveller to say 6mm etc etc to gain the inch that I need to match the existing floor. ( once tge first layer has dried obviously)

  2. clarkie

    clarkie Active Member

    Expensive that it would take a lot of bags. A sand cement and granno mix would be a lot cheaper or get it ashphalted
  3. Clodge83

    Clodge83 New Member

    Use Bal level max it is fibre based and can go up to 80mm in one hit.
    £12 a bag from CTD, cheap whisk and a gorilla tub.
    1 bag should do 1 m2 @ 15mm thick
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  4. Clint chapman

    Clint chapman Member

    Ant in mix n lay an inch of traditional screed make sure floor is slurried with sir n cement otherwise it'll take ages and cost a small fortune
  5. Clint chapman

    Clint chapman Member

    Sbr in mix sorry m8
  6. malc

    malc Private Member

    a 1 inch screed was a standard screed.
    i would flood the oversite, to slow the suction then apply sbr while the sbr is still wet lay the screed with sbr in the mix. flood the screed and cover with polythene for the next 7 days to cure. if the screed dries out to quickly it will turn up at the edges like a piece of dried bread.
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  7. Rigsby

    Rigsby Private Member

    Malc is bang on.

    I have a outside area done as above 25mm thick finished in Arduit exterior self leveller, done ten years ago. Faced the elements and an annual pressre wash.

    Anyone who can semi dry screed can do it and the curing is important.

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